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Update Monday, 27. April 2019 23:00

Yes i am Alive.

Update Monday, 18. March 2019 18:05

We decided to do unmodded and invite you to play on our server!
join at or
< 3

Update Thursday, 21. February 2019 14:05

I need to mentioned that our Ni**ercraft-Season-3 Server isnt live yet, we have yet to announce the Mods.
The IP to connect you can find the on: Wed. 20. feb. 2019
Season 2 is still on but don't expect a lot of Players.
we'll announce the mods and the link for them at a later date!

Update Wednesday, 20. February 2019 00:05

Welcome to Ni**ercraft-Season-3 a neat little minecraft server with some epic people.
No Rules just dont be a dick.
join at or

Update Friday, 27. November 2018 01:18

Hey, im working on TF2 Maps again. They will all be in READMORE I'm also trying to scrounge up some money for some Gaming equipment this means the site will probably be broken soon. Or even Offline i hope you understand. Before i go... We reached 8,5k Clicks hooray!

Update Saturday, 10. November 2018 21:47

Remember[Update Saturday, 20. October 2018 14:37]? Yeah. I'm trying hard to do Stuff here but i'm really FAILING. I'm kinda sorry.If you remember my Old site you might also remember Systemspace give it a visit it changed. That's pretty much everything for now.

Update Friday, 27. October 2018 01:18

Still could not fix the issue but i will do it when i find the solution. For now, i have not. and the top bar will be use for mini updates now.

Update Tuesday, 23. October 2018 23:31

Ok i see some issues. the scanlines are not in the right place in some parts and the top message does weird things i cant really explain so like, ill see what i can do?

Update Sunday, 21. October 2018 23:55

Woosh. See? Just like that W0oWee (read Update below for Context). The top bar was added. i don't know what i will use it for but i will find out. Also idk if if i want to remove the logo on the top left or the one in the middle time will tell.

Update Saturday, 20. October 2018 14:37

Hi, so uh. I didn't update the site as often like i promised. I'm in Difficult life situation again just when i thought i was doing good. I realized that i can't predict or promise when im actually going to update the site. Sorry. I hope you have a great Day.

Update Sunday, 30. September 2018 15:06

As i am writing this the site reached 6,078 clicks (and 8 followers on neocities).
Thank you! I'm lookin toward updating the Site more since im on vacation. C: Also make sure
to check out Ricardo he has a funny and coolio website.

Update Sunday, 26. September 2018 02:28

I'm using Timestamps now just so you
know how frequent the site is gonna be updated

I kind of have a Blueprint in my Mind what i want to do on this site.
Even though it is not much, im not spoling anything. I struggle coming up with something to work on. Thanks again for helping me on the website Miniwa

It is i, Nico
My Site is still in Development
temporary hall of fame
the stuff youre seeing is basically all thanks to Miniwa